Beef burgundy stew

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My beef burgundy stew is the perfect comfort food!

You will need...

carrot onion smoked bacon chuck beef olive oil salt and pepper all-purpose flour garlic red wine beef stock tomato paste thyme bay leaves pearl onions white mushrooms butter parsley

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It's delicious!

My beef burgundy stew is heartwarming, filling, and perfect for fall and winter!

Flour Bowl

Prep all your veggies ahead of time to make cooking easier - trust me!


Lightly brown bacon in a Dutch Oven.


After browning the bacon, brown your roast beef on all sides.


Remove the beef. Cook the carrots and onions until lightly browned.


Add the beef and bacon back to the pan with flour, and cook for 8 minutes, stirring at the halfway mark.


Add garlic, red wine, beef stock, tomato paste, bay leaves, and thyme.


Separately, saute the pearl onions until softened.


Brown the mushrooms after cooking the onions.


Add the mushrooms and onions to the finished dish, serve, and enjoy!


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