Dry Aged Prime Rib

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Dry aged rib roast is the height of luxury: and the secret is, it's so easy to do at home.


– Prime rib roast – Soy sauce – Salt – Pepper


Prepare a roasting pan with a rack, and place the rib roast on the rack. Pat it dry all over with paper towel.

Step 1


Use a basting brush to brush the roast all over with soy sauce, on all sides of the meat.

Step 2


Coat all sides of the meat very generously with salt and pepper.

Step 3


Place the roasting rack and prime rib in the fridge, uncovered, and let it rest for 10-20 days.

Step 5


Once done, you'll see that the surface of the meat is dry in appearance. Remove from the fridge, let rest 30 minutes, then cook as desired!

Step 6

Instant Pot Prime Rib

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