Instant pot salisbury steak

How to make

Our easy Instant Pot Salisbury steak is the perfect dinner for the whole family! It's simple and quick to make even on a busy day.


Steak Ingredients ground beef onion garlic powder egg Dijon mustard Worcestershire sauce ground black pepper salt coconut flour olive oil


Gravy Ingredients onion  cremini mushrooms heavy cream beef broth Worcestershire sauce salt and pepper


In a bowl, combine beef, onion, garlic powder, egg mustard, Worcestershire, coconut flour, pepper, and salt.

Step 1


Mix well, and form into patties. Set your Instant Pot to saute mode. Heat oil and brown the steaks on each side.

Step 2


Remove steaks. Add onion and cook. Turn off saute mode. Add mushrooms, onion, cream, broth, Worcestershire, and salt and pepper to the pot.

Step 3


Place the steaks on top. Replace the Instant Pot lid and set to manual high pressure for 5 minutes.

Step 4


Allow the pressure to release naturally for 10 minutes. Then, quick-release the pressure.

Step 5


Remove steaks and spoon the gravy from the pot on top of the steaks. Serve, and enjoy!

Step 6

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