Air Fryer Tips

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Follow my kitchen-tested Air Fryer Tips to get the best results every time, whether you're new to air frying or already love to air fry everything!


Never use aerosol-based oil sprays. The basket should always be oiled before adding food unless the food itself has been oiled beforehand, or else food can stick and tear.

Do you put oil in an air fryer?


An overfilled basket can keep the food from cooking evenly, or sometimes keep it from cooking at all!

Don't overcrowd the basket.


Shake the basket every few minutes to ensure food like fries and wings cook evenly.

Shake the basket for foods like fries and wings.


When cooking high-fat foods, add a cup of water or a slice of bread to the bottom of the pan.

Add water or bread to stop grease from smoking.


Use a toothpick to hold lightweight foods, like bread on top of a sandwich, in place.

Use toothpicks to keep lightweight food in place.


Anything that is oven-safe is air fryer-safe, so you can use aluminum foil in the air fryer in addition to things like oven-safe baking dishes and so on.

Can I put foil in the air fryer?


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