BBQ Rub Recipes

The Best

When it comes to flavor, BBQ rubs are just as important as the sauce! Pick from our best BBQ Rub Recipes to find your favorite rub for ribs, steak, and more.


This dry rub for brisket is a mixture of sweet paprika and savory garlic powder that perfectly suits the flavor of brisket.

 Brisket Rub


Complete with thyme and garlic, this Tri-Tip Rub is one of the best dry rubs for steak. It is amazingly flavorful!

Tri-Tip Rub


This short ribs rub is sweet, savory, and nicely salty. It is perfect for ribs of any kind, like baby back ribs, but is especially delicious for smoked beef short ribs.

Short Rib Rub


Prime rib is an amazing choice for smoked beef, and one of the most tender, flavorful cuts.

 Prime Rib Rub


This sweet-and-spicy steak seasoning is a perfect dry rib for steak, but you can use it for other cuts like brisket and ribs, too.

Steak Seasoning


With a blend of spices, ground coffee, and mustard, this Coffee Rub is an amazing wet rub for steak, prime rib, short ribs, brisket, and more.

Coffee Rub


Sous Vide Steak

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Steakhouse Mac & Cheese

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